Magarsus Tiyatro Kazısı

                          the first works of our Ministry on 26.05.1987 With the permission of the General Directorate of Museums dated 21.04.1987 and numbered 03539 It was started under the Directorate of our Directorate.                      
                          has started again. Cultural Heritage and Museums in 2015 In accordance with the permission received from the General Directorate of Cukurova University Department of Archeology Scientific consultancy of Fatih ERHAN continued. Works in the orchestra section of the theater are intensified and from the orchestra to the stage building.                      
                           The studies in the ancient city of August 2013 began in 2015 and continued in the theater. In studies carried out in 5 stages, the excavations at the cavea part of the theater were completed; half of the excavations were completed.                      
                        The results of cavea excavations are as follows: Single diazoma with cavea, 12 klimakes with imma and summa caveada It has a total of 22 kerkides from 11. Caveada so far two pieces with parados summa caveada 6, imma caveada 29, in total 35 row of seats were determined. According to this, the audience of the audience of 3-4 thousand people It is estimated that it has the capacity.                      
                       mosaic was found to be coated.                      
                               Magarsus to the area where the direction signs and the theater structure are located. Antique City and information signs introducing the excavations were placed.