Education Unit

                                                       The training activities started by the m Department of Education ve in line with the aims and programs of museum education.                         
                     An appointment system for museum tours and workshops has been developed under the guidance of the Department of Education                                  In a separate section of our museum opened workshops and thematic excavation methods together with Adana Museum and Mediterranean Traditional Handicrafts Association                         between. To create an understanding of contemporary museology for middle school, high school and university students,                         knowledge of artistic, cultural, social areas, dexterity, ability to develop aesthetical pleasures                         In order to keep the traditional handicrafts kept alive, cooperation was made in order to realize the students in the museum outside of the course hours.                         
                                            The following activities will be included in these modules.                         

  • Paint-Find-Explore study                         
  • Storytelling work                         
  • Drama studies                         
  • Excavation Work                         
  • Black Pen, etc.                     


  • Leather Craft                         
  • Horn Processing and Craft Art                         
  • Karagöz-Hacivat Portrait Making                         
  • Mosaic Making                         
  • Hand Ceramic Shaping                         
  • Wood Carving                         
  • Paper Filigree                         
  • Ebru Making                         
  • Batik Production                         
  • Stone Painting                         
  • Ney Kaval Production and Application                         
  • Image / Thumbnails                         
  • Fabric Weaving                         
  • Calligraphy / Fine Writing                         
  • Glass Forming                     

                                        The daily museum trip program in the system of appointments in the Adana Museum consists of three stages in terms of crowded groups and inability to arrive.                                              
                     The museum visit is the second phase of museum education, which is carried out according to the needs of age groups and not exceeding the time periods of the museum. After the museum visit, various workshops organized by the age groups in the Museum Training Workshop constitute the final stage of museum education.                                              
                                                 In the educational activities where a certain theme is discussed, the students have the opportunity to exhibit their products in the museum, while they spend more time in the museum, gaining more permanent information about the Anatolian Civilizations, and the works they carry out in the museum and the training workshop.