Atatürk Evi Müzesi

         Structure showing the typical characteristics of traditional Adana Houses cultural assets and examples of civil architecture It is one. Atatürk and his wife Latife Hanım visited Adana on 15 March 1923 during this time, they were hosted in this mansion owned by Ramazanoğlu Suphi Bey. Atatürk Science and Culture Center Museum of Conservation and Survival Association the leadership of the time Corps Commander Bedrettin DEMİREL and the people The building, which was restored and restored with the help of Was put into service as a unit affiliated to the Directorate.

         Atatürk's arrival to Adana on March 15 every year in this building with an official ceremony It is celebrated. War of Independence in the Museum and the first years of the Republic information, various documents and photographs are described.

         Study Rooms on the lower floor of a museum building consisting of two floors, Library, Sofa, Bedroom, Press Room and the Chamber of the Mujahideen is on the upper floor of the Hatay Chamber of Arms, Weapon Room, Tent Room and There is a National Chamber.