History of Adana Museum

         Adana Museum Founded in 1924 immediately after the proclamation of the Republic The bears have the title of one of Turkey's oldest museum. First of all the column headers and sarcophagi surrounding the police department The museum, which was established with the collection of Halil Kamil Bey, At the end of successful work, in 1928 at the head of Taşköprü now destroyed which was opened to visitors in the Medrese of Cafer Pasha Mosque. In 1950, Located in Kuruköprü and used as an Ethnography Museum Moved to Adana Kuruköprü Memorial Museum.

         In particular, Tarsus / Gözlükule (1934), İçel / Yumuktepe (1936), Yüreğir / Misis (1958) and Ceyhan / Sirkeli-Tatarlı Mound excavations, The works of Cukurova's early ages were gathered at the museum Due to the inadequacy of the museum building, the Museum was opened on 5 January 1972. moved to its current building.

         In Adana Museum Tarsus Gözlükule, Mersin Yumuktepe, Misis, Karatepe, Soğuksutepe, etc. archaeological excavations There are artifacts from Adana and its surroundings.
Prehistoric period works, Hittite, Assyrian, Phoenician, Phrygian, Archaic, Hellenistic, Sculpture, inscription, sarcophagus, stele, architectural fragments belonging to Roman and Byzantine periods such as stone works, pottery made of terracotta, various pots, cylinder and stamp seals, coins and other archaeological finds It is located.

         Our Ministry initiated in 2013 within the scope of investment programs; our city Seyhan District Constructions with registered cultural properties The restoration of Mensucat Factory was restored and the archaeological museum, which is the 1st phase, was put into service.